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    Webshop plugins for Magento and OXID eSales

    justSelling created two shop plugins for Magento CE and OXID eSales. With these modules etracker customers are easily able to use and implement etracker services in their corresponding web shop. A complex implementation and integration of specific tracking snippets will be abolished.

    etracker is well known for their best-practice-solutions when it comes to professional website optimization and marketing measures. Therefore etracker is a Google Analytics competitor, established in Hamburg, Germany.

    Project components:

    • Magento CE 1.9 and Magento CE 2.0
    • OXID 4.9.5 and 4.9.7
    • Web shop plugin implementation, documentation and setting within the extension store
    • Integration of the etracker snippet for different modules

    etracker GmbH