Multichannel E-Commerce


    Expand your range of services and enlarge your target group! Set impulses to buy over multiple channels, not matter if you expand from the stationary trading to e-commerce, or from e- to m-commerce. The focus of a successful multichannel-strategie is set on the newly aquired flexibility in purchasing. We help you to use every distribution channel available and combine multiple channels together to maximise your revenue!

    There isn't just one factor to succes which matters in the multichannel-strategie. Only combining distribution channels without providing a clear added value doesn't do the trick.


    Key Factors


    The Brand

    Having many distribution channels available means to have many possiblities and opportunities. Therefore it's even more importand to not amalgamate them too much. The brand needs to be in the main focus at any time.



    Integrated Communication

    Never loose your corporate identity, don't start to intermix your appearance through out your channels. If everything seems to be on unit, if you are maintaining your design priciples and your concept at any time, you're on the highway to success.



    Cross-linking Channels

    The key for an efficacious multichannel-concept is to cross-link these. The customer is searching for a pleasant buying experience. The clever combination of multiple channels is generating an enormous added value.




    The Costumer is King

    Professional multichannel-strategies are focusing clearly on the customer. justSelling helps you increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. As a general rule, customers are spendig 30% more in multichannel shops than in single channel shops. Let the channels work for you: onlineshop, stationary trading, m-commerce and print channels - every customer has to be able to find the right access to your business.

    Multichannel E-Commerce

    Working on many channels generaly means to have a high maintenance effort. Therefore it makes sence to use multilchannel-systems. These system allow you to manage distributin processes, especially in e-commerce or on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. Additionally you can manage your warehouse and logistics throug the system, so your multichannel-plattforn is covering all business segments. We will help you to choose the correct system for your needs.

    Multichannel E-Commerce