Magento E-Commerce

    Magento - your way to succeed in e-commerce


    Magento is a professional open source solution for e-commerce shops and offers an extensiv range of functional features which will help you to control the look, content and functionalities of your system to your liking. Magento offers functionalities for marketing, SEO and catalog management, which allow you to work with a tailor-made onlineshop. Magento is scalable and is supported by an extensive amount of service providers as well as a big community of developers. Magento is one of the best foundations you can start of.


    Magento 2



    Magento 2 will convice you with an even better usability. The administration area has been redesigned user-friendly, so you can create and manage the shopen even if you are not an expert in this field.


    Paypal Connectivity

    The popular payment processor Paypal can be integrated seamlessly. As Magento and paypal have both formerly been subsidiary companies from eBay, there is still a close cooperation between them. The paypal integration is constantly getting improved, ofcourse also for the mobile usage.


    Comprehensive analyses

    Analyse, optimize your processes, recognise potentials. Elaborate your own online makrekting strategie. Together with Magenton 2 you have comprehensive capabilities to analyse your potentials. Measure your performance to discover new ways into the future. 


    Why should you use Magento 2?

    Magento is Open Source.

    You have full control of your shop and technical foundation, customise Magenton to your specific needs, there are no technical barriers or hidden costs by the provider.

    Magento is filled with usefull features

    Magento already includes many useful features for you, here you get many accountrements which would need to add to other system, like a one-page checkout, a product comparison, multilingualism, multishop-capability and many  more.

    Despite beeing open source, Magento is still a professional solution

    Behind the evolution of Magento there is still the original amercian software company. Magento Inc. is an e-commerce specialist with long-term experiences. As a former eBay subsidiary, it is well known for it's numerous partner companies and a big developer community all around the world.

    Magento Connect

    Magento Extensions

    You can customize Magento even more by inserting extensions. You can install almost anything, from a simple feature for improved product displayment up to complexe interfaces to your merchandise management system. There are extensions you need to pay for, but there are also many extensions out there completly for free. You can find those on the Magento marketplace - Magento Connect. The Conncetion Manager in your Magento backend helps you to add the extensions easily to your shop. We recommend that you only use tested and proven features, so you don't accidentaly install a buggy extension which paralyses your system.

    Even with the wide range of extensions available, there are still circumstances where creating one exactly for the own needs is promising. justSelling already build many different extensions for Magento, we are able to help you starting with the requirement analysis up to the turnkey ready implementation. Please feel free to contact us for your tailor-made extension!