xTWO Market GmbH

    xTWO Market GmbH

    xTWO market

    justSelling implements marketplace in construction industry for the xTwo Market GmbH based on Magento


    The new marketplace allows to quickly compare prices from hundreds of suppliers for craftsmen and construction industries. Once you have filled your shopping cart, you can easily optimise your purchase: favourable price, fastes delivery or the happy medium, the xTWo recommendation. More than one million products for every section of the cunstruction industry.

    The xTwo Market GmbH is a subsidiary company of the RIB Software AG and is based in Hungen in the state of Hesse.


    Project components:

    • Softwarebasis Magento CE 1.9
    • Expansion of the marketplace-functionality
    • Autmated shopping cart optimisation for arranging the best offer
    • Automated importation of more than on million products and product pictures
    • Creation and technical implementation of a custom design
    • Technical operation and hosting

    xTWO Market GmbH