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    Increase your Turnovers by using Marketplaces

    According to Amazon 85 million people are visiting, monthly. Dealers are reporting form an average increase of turnovers of 50%, as soon as they enter the marketplace. We can not verificate these numbers, but it is clear to say that Amazon is one of the biggest players on the digital market, all over the world. 

    eBay for example is used frequently to sell refused products and b-stock items. Therefore this marketplace is often used by fans of technology fans, so companies selling products in this industry can boost their turnovers easily when using eBay. As you can see, every marketplace is differnt, so you need to analyse them regarding your company before entering. We will help you to push the limits of the possible, to create a concept aimed to move your business to the limits.

    ebay amazon

    Integration of your Webshop into a Marketplace 

    By using prebuild interfaces like sync4 or magnalister, your webshop can be linked to marketplaces fast and effectly. Your products are automatically synchronised, so their are listed on the platform but the the orders are send back to your own webshop and your integrated merchandise management system.



    Industry-specific Marketplaces

    Amazon and eBay are well known, they are the mainstream. But besides those platforms there are many industry-specific marketplaces. justSelling has the resources to implement such marketplaces, for example based on Magento:

    Marcetplace out of the construction industry

    Configurable Products

    Normaly marketplaces are not designed for the distribution of individually configurated products like business cards, windows or printed t-shirts. We are offering solutions for this problem, for example on eBay:

    Configurator on eBay