E-Commerce Entrance

    E-Commerce Entrance

    Your succesfull entrance into the digital business

    Those who want to work permanently and succesfully in the E-Commerce business needs reliable and experienced partners and providers at his side. justSelling attends you in your specific project with a professional round the clock servide in all sectors with a broad solution portfolio, long-term experiences and targeted know-how. From the strategic development of the basic setup up to individual customizations of the design and function, we are a full-range solution provider. Whether your a beginner or a branch expert, whether you are searching for partial solutios or a complete shop-system build and optimized completly from the ground up, nowhere else you are in as good hands as ours.

    The basis of all our services is the webbased Magento or Shopware shop. We undertake the installation of your shop after an in-depth analysis and fixation of your specific requirements. Beyond the basic configuration of shipping and payment settings, justSelling enhances the shop with its own software solutions and specialized configuration-modules for the optimum sales process. Furthermore we are keen to give your webshop a personality with an individuall design and character, which enhances the recognition value. It's a pleasure for us to implement the whishes you have and to advise you in the development and expansion of your corporate identity.


    Key Factors to Success


    The optimal technical Foundation

    Laying the correct foundation stone is one of the key elements for the lomg-term success of your project. To change the system in retrospect is difficult and expensiv. We help you to fixate the dimensions and the demands of your project, so we can name you the perfect shopsystem for your needs. There are many to choose from, for example Shopware 5 or Magento.

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    The Corporate Identity

    If you customize your webshop with a high-quality and perfectly optimized design, you are on the right way to success. One's first impression is very important, a cheaply made theme you can buy for just a few euros won't convice your customers. Let us impress you with a theme perfectly matched to your corporated identity, which will mercerize the appearance of your e-commerce.


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    Hosting and Support

    We also won't leave you alone one the technical operation: Gladly we will handle the hosting for you. Besides the service of our cloud, we offer extensive benefits, like for example long-term software maintenance. You do the business - we provide you with the technology.


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    Imagine a situation where you would have the perfect webshop, but you are not able to find any buyers. Unfortunately this is the case in many ambitious projects. A webshop always needs a refined concept. Without advertising on all available channels like Google, newsletters, SEA, SEO or performance and display marketing, you won't get far.

    justSelling not only offers technical realization, but also qualified benefits in online marketing, in particular in the fields of search enginge marekting (SEM), including search engine advertisement (SEA) and search engine optimization (SEO).

    We have the know-how in online commercialization you need, we will take care of the conception and realisation of appropriate measures.


    Fixed-Price Security

    Often a new start into the e-commerce sector can be entailed with high investments and a high level of uncertancies in regarding costs. Well, this is not how we like to play! After analysing your specific needs, we will make you an offer including a fixed price for the turnkey ready realisation of your webshop. Thus you are able to plan all your expenses swiftly, without any bad surprises. Thanks to our long-time experiences and the iterative procedure model SCRUM we use in all our projects, we are able to tell you the exact costs early in the process and to give you the highest possible transparency troughout whole runtime of the project.