Brand and CI

    Marke und Corporate Identity

    Your Brand in the Digital World

    For a sustainable success, you need the right strategy from the beginning on. Before starting to establish your new products and your brand, it's essential to know your goals and concept for the public image you want to create. justSelling will support you with know-how, technical possibilities, creativity and appropriate marketing measures, so your start into the digital world will be easy as a pie.

    One of the most efficacious factors for a thriving business is a good croporate identity, the image the customers have of your company. We will analyse the componants of your business, your products, goals and style, to create a tailor-made image. Furthermore we are able to open new ways to your customers, so the indetity you want to communicate reaches him. If the intuitive recognition is booming, if every little detail in your online presence is looking like it's out of one cast, if the spirit of the company is detectable from the text font to the color and figurative language, then you are on the right path. justSelling will guide you, so you are able to distribute as many marketing measures as needed, whether in print, web or mobile media.



    Fortune Magazine

    «In the 21st century, branding ultimately will be the only unique differentiator between companies. Brand equity is now a key asset.»


    The Future is Digital

    In order to place a brand future-proof, there is no way around a digital presence. Better start now!


    The «Big Four»

    Integration, availability, cross-linking, interactivity. Those four aspekts are key to rise the popularity of your unique, attractive and emtotionally rewarding brand reputation.



    Logo Design - We create the your destinctive digital face

    The company's logo has to be destinctive, but at the same time simple enough to be easy to print. To combine those two contrasts into one creative and good-looking logo is is a big challenge. We are able to create your individual designs, which reflect the concepts of your business. The initial impress of your online presence has to be remembered in a good way, it has to be instantly convincing.