Shopware 5 - The future-oriented Solution for your E-Commerce Project

    Shopware is an innovative shopsystem, fast and usable without any big effort, designed for efficient online shops. Good-looking from the beginning and easy as pie to operate. The management and "backend" are self-explanatory and logical structured. Shopware is browser-based and the design and look are reminding of well known operating systems like Microsoft Windows. You and your customer will feel right at home! Shopeware is "Made in Germany" and offers many ways of support via different maintenancte contracts. Therefore you can be save to find the help you need from the manufacturer.


    The suitable solution for your needs


    A storytelling world of shopping

    Create an absolutly unique shoppinf experience! By arousing emotions when using your shop, you will gain potential buyers and a huge competitive advantage over your competitors. The backend allows you to position products, banners, pictures, videos, texts and many more building blocks freely. The layout lies entirely in your hands.



    Digital publishing

    There is nothing more appealing than professionaly designed pictures and graphics. Shopware 5 is offering you the possibility to design for example advertising banners for your shop. Here you can add text or buttons over the background to trigger even more emotions with a lasting effect.


    Product Streams

    Every good online shop needs a professional presentation of the products. The functionality "Product-Stream" is providing you the possibility to direct the customers attetion to the most matching products. There are nomerous settings in the backend for you to exactly determine which product he will be guided to. The stream is showing the products matching the properties, newly created products are added dynamically.

    Shopware 5

    justSelling is the Shopware partner you can trust on

    The Shopware Community Edition is open source, so everyone is able to work with it. But only a Shopware partner with a wide range of know-how can offer you a high degree of expertise and support. Our employees are drawing from long-term experiences out of the e-commerce world. We supervised many Shopware shops, from the start to the succesfull launch. Benefit from our experiences, we will provide you with a professional and reliable project management. As a Shopware Business Partner we provide not only the free Community Edition but also the Enterprise Edition, which is a rock solid base for you to start your project on.


    Shopware 5 Demo Shop

    Why should you use Shopware?

    Shopware Community Edition. It's open source, you are in full control of your shop. Shopware can be adjusted to your specific needs and future upgrades. There are no technical hurdles.  

    Shopware ist easy to use and intuitive to operate. In contrast to many other shopsystems, Shopware is easy to use for you in the backend, as well as in the frontend for the customer.

    Despite beeing open source, it's still a professional solution. Behind the development of Shopware there is a german company based in the region Münsterland. "Made in Germany"  is a synonym for quality, but also for fast and reliable support from the manufacturer. Furthermore there are many Shopware partners and a big developer community.