Printing industry

    Printing industry

    The Complete Solution for the Printing Industry

    The printing industry is in need for special solutions for successfull online shops because of the complexe processes and highly-specialised requirements.When choosing justSelling, you have a experiences partner which has cllected man experiences and kwow-how through many efficacious projects out of the printing sector. We are able to fullfill your needs, to advise you in four digital strategie and to realise the shop of your dreams. Having the technical expertise is the KO criterion for a seamless start into the business.

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    Die Komplettlösung für die Druckbranche

    justSelling - All functions out of one hand

    • All-In-One Solution
    • Robust e-commerce technology, based on Magento CE, the number one shopsystem worldwide!
    • Usable as a B2B or B2C-System
    • Flexible price calculation - We are able to implement even the complexe pricestructures needed in the offset printing, hourly printing fees are no problem for us.
    • Including the most capable Product Configurator on the market
    • Individually adapted to your specific needs
    • Prepared for the m-commerce, your shop will be ready to use on smartphones and tables, thanks to our responsive ThemeOne
    • Including tools for the sales support
    • Automatic Preflight Check, which for example valaidates the size and resolution of the used files
    • Capable fileuploader module, which supports even the biggest files
    • Cloudbased solution - You do the business, we take care of the technology!
    • If you whish, we install all the software on your server, so you have full control over all your data.
    • Integration of already existing IT infrastructure
    • Seminars, operation of the shop and long-term support for your team
    • Lease or lease-purchase, we accept a wide range of financing partners

    Product Configurator

    Our Product Configurator is the best solution for creating even the most complexe printing templates. Depending options, price formulas and tables, your customers will be able to configurator their talor-made solution. Support your sales force with a calculator capable of computing the exact price rapidly and everywhere, even on-side on a tablet!

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    Product Designer

    The Product Designer enables the customer to conveniently create his printing templates in a WYSIWYG editor. Without any special skills in Photoshop or any other program, even an amateur will be able to put together banners, rollups, impressive photo canvases and many more products easily online.

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    Workflow Integration

    We create the perfect solution for you, which will fit optimal into your workflwo. A flexible statushandling, automated datacheck, export of orders as PDF or XML-files, and many more feature are waiting to be used by you. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the industry, we are able to advise you as no one else can.



    Our Customers out of the Printing Industry

    My Displays GmbH

    The My Displays GmbH based in Burscheid (Germany) is operating a webshop for display systems, advertising materials and articles. All articles can be individually configurated comforably by the customer. Thanks to the software of justSelling, all files needed for the printing can be transferred electronicaly, even editing and deleting the files is possible. The integrated responsive ThemeOne opens the webshop to the world of m-commerce, no matter which devise is used, no matter if the customer uses his smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop, the shop looks perfect on all plattforms.

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    media print und service

    In the webshop from media print und service you are able to create signs printed on alu dibond, forex and polystyrene. The Product Configurator calculates the price in real-time, according the the customers input. This shop is optimized for the products distributed and for the operation as a single-page shop-

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